The AIAITIE Mugwort Essence Patch provides traditional and comprehensive health preservation via an innovative application approach.. It combines a functional structure, aesthetics, and uses a self-heating technology to penetrate into the acupuncture points. The heat is conveniently and safely applied, and it soothes the body in a healthy and fashionable way.

Product Design
1. Package Design:
Each AIAITIE Mugwort Essence Patch is composed of two parts: a wormwood bag and herbal essence ointment. A box of AIAITIE Mugwort Essence Patch contains ten patches and ten bottles of ointment. The inside of the box has an open layout, but the bags and bottles are held separately via molding. The outside of the box looks elegant and refined, and the package material is environmental friendly. Each box is very lightweight with a length of 26 cm, a width of 14 cm, and a height of 5 cm. Both the herbal essence ointment and the wormwood bags are individually sealed for storage.

2. Individual Wormwood Bag Packaging:
The outer packaging for the wormwood bag is made of aluminum foil, which has good sealing performance and can effectively keep out moisture.

3. Herbal Essence Ointment Packaging:
The herbal ointment is packaged in a small glass bottle made via a high-temperature blowing technology. Each bottle is sealed with a cap which prevents oxidation and contamination. When used, the cap can be gently removed by hand from the bottle. Each bottle contains 2 ml of ointment.

4. Adhesive design:
The adhesive used with the wormwood bag has unique material properties and shape.
1)The adhesive around the wormwood bag uses the AiAiTie company's exclusive plum blossom shape, which is an ergonomic design. This design provides an elegant appearance compared to traditional heating patches. The adhesive holds the patch close to the skin, and yet provides both fashion and health preservation.
2) The adhesive is made from wood pulp spun and laced with non-woven fabric, which provides a hypoallergenic, soft fit. It also provides a baby-protective skin experience. In addition, it has high water absorption, ensuring that the glue will adhered to the patch and not remain on the skin upon removal.
3) The adhesive adopts a heat source focused design, based on the principle of energy release, which effectively promotes heat generation.

5. Glue Selection:
The glue that is closest to the skin uses an environmental friendly, pressure-sensitive adhesive that has a low allergy rate. Its properties also ensure efficient air permeability.

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