What is Moxibustion?

Moxibustion is a traditional Chinese treatment that burns medicinal herbs placed in proximity to acupuncture points of the human body. The resulting heat and the effects of the medicinal herb help to adjust the functions of the body's meridians and send heat to clear Qi and improve blood flow, reducing inflammation, and dispelling pathogens.

Moxibustion begin as a primitive process in which the treatment involved using a heated stone and burnt branch to waft smoke over the pained area. This later developed into moxa-moxibustion which involves burning the herb, mugwort, very close to the skin and acupuncture points. Moxa-moxibustion was a breakthrough in the singular concept of heat treatment because the burning mugwort is pungent, warm, penetrating, and it can clear the meridians. As a Chinese herb, mugwort is considered to have extremely hot elements for heat and medicinal force. Moxa-moxibustion produces strong effects on the body, and it is believed to help cure diseases and prevent illness by invigorating and channeling energy in a way that improves the body's immune system.

Over time, the term Moxibustion has changed to imply moxa-moxibustion.

What is Shenzhen Qianhai AIAITIE?

AIAITIE is new moxibustion product has been developed, which is easy and convenient to apply.

Acupuncture, Cupping, and Moxibustion are the three treasures of traditional Chinese treatments. The product, Shenzhen Qianhai AIAITIE, provides a combination of these three treatments. It stimulates the acupuncture points, generates the negative pressure of cupping, and produces medicinal effects. It achieves these results in the form of a Moxibustion treatment. Therefore, Shenzhen Qianhai AIAITIE is an innovative product, which is more powerful in heat and curative effect, and more convenient to use compared with other moxibustion products.

What are the purpose of AIAITIE Moxibustion and its effects

1. AIAITIE Moxibustion will invigorate and channel energy to improve the immunity of human body in a way that wards off diseases and cures them.

2. AIAITIE Moxibustion can warm and clear the meridians and dispel cold pathogens.

3. AIAITIE Moxibustion can recuperate the yang energy and prevent its collapse. Some patients have weak yang energy, and thus poor immunity. AIAITIE Moxibustion recuperates the yang energy, which improves and stabilizes immunity.

4. AIAITIE Moxibustion can relax the muscles and help stimulate blood flow. Also, for traumatic injuries, once the bleeding is arrested, there is a need to control swelling. AIAITIE Moxibustion can help relieve swelling and inflammation.

One of the Quintessential ancient Chinese medical textbooks advised, if medicines and acupuncture could not cure a disease in a patient, Moxibustion must be used.Moxibustion is said to cure many of the problems that cannot be fixed by medicines and acupuncture. For thousand of years, Moxibustion has been used in China to prevent disease and prolong life. Presently, 1 Kg of moxa is obtained from 30 Kg of mugwort. With AIAITIE Moxibustion, the sticks use this high concentration moxa. Thus, AIAITIE Moxibuston has deep penetrating power, and it is able to pass through the skin, flesh and tendon.

What are the advantages of AIAITIE Moxibustion

1. AIAITIE selects and purifies only the five-year golden mugwort "QiAi", which comes from the hometown of medical sage. The ratio of purify is 30:1. It contains no perfume or no tar. The quality is five times better than the traditional moxa stick with less smoke and more energy.

2. Compared with the traditional moxa on a stick, which is applied to one area at a time, many AIAITIE sticks are placed on various acupuncture points simultaneously. This ability to use many sticks at once saves considerable time.

3. Moxibuston is easy and safe to apply with AIAITIE, and it is convenient to transport. With AIAITIE, moxibustion can be applied whether the patient is awake or sleeping. The sticks are attached to a base, and the base is place on the skin and held in place via a light adhesive tape. After placement, the application is hands free.

4. With the unique Torx base, moxa smoke passes through skin and directly impacts the acupuncture points. As a result, the effect of moxa, fire, and smoke is maximized.

5. Compared with the fire of traditional moxa, which is pointed downward. AIAITIE is mild and more suitable for daily health promotion. AIAITIE is generally considered a safe treatment for everyone, with the exception of pregnant women.

How to use AIAITIE Moxibustion

Moxibustion is a traditional Chinese medicine therapy that has been used for a thousand years. However, to perform traditional moxibustion is a little bit troublesome. The traditional moxibustion uses moxa stick. The moxa stick is held near the acupoint. It will produce lots of smoke, and if held too close can burn your skin, which makes it inconvenient to use.

AIAITIE is very convenient and simple to use. Simply, remove the paper on the bottom of the base from the adhesive tape, light the moxa stick, and place it on the skin at the selected acupuncture point. The adhesive tape holds the base in place.

The burning time for an AIAITIE stick is about 13 minutes. The adhesive base holds the stick firmly on your skin where it was placed. The ash stays in place on the stick will not burn your skin, provided it is not bumped while the stick is burning. When the AIAITIE stick is completed burned down to the base, the stick can be removed. Simply remove the ash from the top of the base and then gently pull the base from the skin. If you want an increased effect, you can sequentially perform moxibustion 2 or 3 times on the same acupuncture pointed.